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How to register at Castlegait

To register as a new patient, please attend the practice reception to pick up a practice registration form. Please fill this in and return to the practice. If you have difficult filling in the form someone may help you, or inform the receptionist. 

Alternatively, you can download all the relevant forms here plus the pdf file for the Health Board and return the completed forms to Castlegait.

You will be asked for identification, usually a form of photographic identification and something with your name and address.  

All new patients are assigned a named doctor by the health board, however, each patient can choose to see whichever doctor they prefer, if they are available. Note some doctors work only part time and also if you are seeing urgent (non routine) appointments your choice of doctor may be limited.  


Registration form

Health board PDF file

How to Register for Patient Services

(Online prescriptions)

For security reasons you must prove your identity to the reception staff who will then supply a registration document with personalised access code.

You can only apply in person and we require the following information:

Once a patient reaches their 16th Birthday they will be required to Register themselves for an access code, to comply with confidentiality regulations.

Safe and Secure - All data contained within Patient Services is protected using the highest standard internet security so you can be sure all your personal information is safe and secure.

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